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Winter 2021 : summary !

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

And yes ... unfortunately winter is (already) over for MCK. Once again, this season is ending much too early, much too quickly, but we are super proud of this first year! So we figured that to boost the morale of the troops, a little winter recap would be (great) -welcome. What do you say about it ?

Here it is, here it is: the recap of our first winter as MCKOutdoor X.

After endless waits, and thousands of questions: opening of ski lifts, no opening of French resorts ... Winter was not looking very good. For MCK, it's a cold shower ... the announcement is official: no resort opening this winter "But what are we going to do ?? How are we going to be able to share our passion _ snowboarding for those who are not yet in the know_?

And here comes the miracle solution: the Splitboard! And this solution is possible thanks to our partnership with Burton Snowboard France & the Burton Store in Annecy.

So here we are on January 16, for our very first MCKOutdoor X release! The weather is nice, it's cold, the snow is fresh and sparkling ... In short, the ideal outing is in sight!

Find just here the recap of this incredible first outing 

The season started off on a perfect note. But after such a day, difficult to compete! At MCK we have seen green and unripe weather conditions, but this one we did not expect...

No, this photo does not have a "vintage" filter, it is even 100% filterless! For our 2nd Splitboard Discovery trip, the sand of the Sahara is making its entrance! 🌪

Fortunately, thanks to a great team (as many riders as guides), everyone had a blast! And yes you read that correctly, guideS, because for this outing we asked for support from our friend-rider Sylvain Bourbousson ... Smile guaranteed 😊

You will find just here a little recap video of this extraordinary release 🔥

Following this somewhat yellowish outing, many of you asked us to come and discover, deepen the Splitboard, and above all let yourself be guided in the heart of nature ... But not only! Here, Lenny 6 years old who is starting Snowboarding! 🙌🏻

March is already around the corner - and yes, time flies when you're having a blast! And now the MCK team is already back in the mountains with once again a shock team for the 3rd Splitboard Discovery outing of the season!

This time, no Sahara, but rather extra conditions! February was arid, but a nice waterfall (which we had pre-ordered) landed just for us! Here again, a little reinforcement of our favorite smile Sylvain B. obligatory given the success of our Discoveries!

Once again, check out a little recap video right here ✨ (laughs guaranteed!)

After such a great season, the reality is coming back to us with full force ... Containment 3.0 I am coming, do not move! And it is therefore with a pinch in the heart that the season ends on an (incredible) last Discovery Splitboard - always respecting the sanitary rules. A 100% girls outing, and for the latter, Mick has pulled out all the stops: rope, knives, a little steep, a little ice ... But in the end, a great day.

You will understand, it was a season filled with powder, sand, laughter and tears (but with joy). And it's all thanks to everyone in these photos. Without you, our dream of living by sharing our passions would not be possible!

End of the nostalgia moment, get ready, because at MCK we do not sleep, and we are already preparing little surprises to come very quickly ...🤫

Once again, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment to MCK. The community created is incredible. And a huge thank you to our partner Burton France for the support!

We meet very quickly,

And in the meantime, take advantage of sanding your 10km long, wide and across !!

Mick & Chloe,

The MCKOutdoor X team

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